My name is Scott, I am 32 and have just completed my HND in Travel and Tourism. 

I was a mature student, as the age suggests and returned to study after a long absence from education. Prior to this I had spent almost in a decade in retail, working for Tesco and following that and I held several volunteer positions at various organisations, one of which was Andrew Carnegie Birthplace. Working at the museum was a great experience which solidified my interest in Travel and Tourism Sector and persuaded me to pursue a career I enjoy in a field I am passionate about.

I didn’t have a specific career plan when I undertook my HNC. I had previously seen an advert for a Tour Guide at Machu Picchu, which appealed to me enormously, however it required a Degree in the Travel and Tourism sector. So, I basically went into my HNC knowing I was passionate about the Industry and my dream job would involve obtaining a degree.

Straight from my interview, I was very excited about the course. Audrey was very enthusiastic about the course and its content and activities really appealed to me. I was fortunate enough to experience most of my HNC prior to the pandemic and I know myself and the class, thoroughly enjoyed the activities that were integrated into the course. We organised group excursions to visitor attractions such as Holyrood and Surgeons Hall and the course was very immersive. We had several guest speakers which I thoroughly enjoyed, and the course had a wide variety of content which was really appealing.

I really enjoyed the variety of the course and learning about the different subjects. One thing that is useful is that you can draw upon your hobbies or interests or transfer other skills, attributes or knowledge into the course. It also covered a wide variety of subjects and material and the depth of the course was again something that I found very interesting.

The thing I enjoyed most not that I have undertaken my HND was probably just being in the college and class. The classes were really enjoyable and fun and there was always a good atmosphere. I missed that during my HND, however the teachers and the college were so supportive and helpful and online learning made you realise how much you miss the physical aspect of learning.

I still massively enjoyed my HND despite the restrictions and it reaffirmed my decision pursue a career in Travel and Tourism. As I mentioned I didn’t have a specific career objective when I started my HNC and I probably still don’t have one after completing my HND. However, it boosted my confidence and invigorated my interests and It allowed me to obtain a place at  Napier University to study International Tourism and Airline management.

I am very excited to be going to University and hopefully obtaining a degree which will allow me to work in an Industry I am passionate about. Returning to study and attending Fife college has allowed me to realise that ambition.