"Advanced Certificate: SWAP Access to Arts, Humanities and Primary Education provides a wide range of subjects with the main focus of the course being the progression into university. The choice of subjects available provided a strong grounding for several progression routes, opening up a wide variety of options.

"After high school, I started a course at university in community education; I completed two years of the course before realising with a thud that it really wasn’t the course for me. I dropped out in my final year and moved back to Dunfermline.

"I then worked full-time in the leisure Industry for a good few years. I settled in the job and was pretty happy for a while, however I realised that there was no challenge for me in the job. I needed more. After a particularly bad few weeks at work, I decided to quit and go back to university.

"Due to the length of time that had passed since my exams and my experience at university the first time round, I was very sceptical and absolutely petrified about even attempting to apply directly to any university. All I knew was that I wanted to teach. What or where… who knew?!

"A friend had recently completed the SWAP course and suggested that it might be a perfect fit for me to get back into education and make a decision about what I wanted to do. I applied and was accepted.

"The course was a brilliant experience. Most people on the course had similar ideas of where they wanted to end up as well as all being that little bit older which highlighted the fact that we all wanted and needed to be there.

"The course had a great range of subjects and tutors who supported me as much as possible. I was introduced to subjects that were new to me such as history, sociology, psychology and biology. It would be hard to identify a favourite part of the course as it was really made what it was by strong course and subject tutors who had your back and would support you when you needed it.

"After completing the course, I was accepted to Stirling University to study History, Sociology and Professional Education. I graduated with a 2:1 in June 2016 and then went on to complete a probationary year teaching Modern Studies and History. And since then I’ve returned to Fife College as a History Lecturer! 

"The SWAP course aimed to help progression into Higher Education and prepare us for going to university and the expectations of university. We were provided with valuable study skills and skills for independent learning which I still use today and now teach my students. I felt completely prepared to deal with whatever would be thrown at me during the first year of university.

"I would recommend the SWAP course without a doubt. It is a solid grounding for progression into Higher Education and allows for that bit of calm and understanding needed when returning to full-time education after a break for whatever reason.

"My ambitions for the future are to continue to teach. It took a long time for me to realise that it was really what I wanted to do, and that I was more than capable of doing it.

"Studying at Fife College allowed me to realise what I wanted to do with my life and how I could achieve that."

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