"When I was at school, I was never encouraged to explore what was possible in the creative arts. I never considered radio as a viable career option. However, I have always been highly creative and my work in the arts led me to create a podcast (Arts In Fife) celebrating individual artists in the locality. At the time I didn’t know enough about podcasting to make the project sustainable, so I attended college to learn more.

"The HND in Radio at Fife College provides a very practical foundation, which, if like me, you are not academically inclined, is really useful. You learn to use the studio, to edit, to build programmes and narratives. It’s a great place to practice and to harness your individual creative and technical abilities.

"At college I was encouraged to push forward creatively and to attend University in Sunderland for a year, to gain a degree. At university I was pushed even further to tell the stories I was passionate about and to “paint with sound”. I left university with several awards for programmes I made, a first class honours degree and stayed on for a second year to gain a masters with distinction.

"During my masters, I successfully pitched a documentary to BBC Radio 3, which is to be broadcast this year. “The Egg Dealer” investigates a brutal murder that happened in Fife in 1938. A day after graduation I got a full time job producing "The Welsh Arts Show" and "Science Café" at BBC Radio Wales.

"Without doing my Radio HND at Fife College, I would never have reached university and I would never have believed all of this to be possible. If you are creatively inclined and have an interest in music, sound, story-telling, production and a willingness to advance your own abilities, then I would recommend Radio at Fife College. It is a positive environment in which to build a foundation for much bigger dreams.

"I will continue experimenting with artistic sound and storytelling at the BBC. It is also my great ambition in the future to write and produce a Netflix original and produce a Disney film."

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