My name is Susan and I started my journey at Fife College studying Architecture with Interior Design. Prior to me applying for a course with Fife College, I was a hairdresser for 20 years, but my passion was always with Interior Design. I decided it was time to pursue a career in something I was always keen to study, therefore, I came to college and started my National Certificate (NC) and then moved onto my HNC and HND. My goal once I had finished my HND was to study my BA in Visual Communication and Digital Publishing at Fife College. 

After I took a year out, I came back to college two years ago to study my degree and moved onto my  Honours degree in the Creative Industries which I have now successfully completed. 

The degree has helped me progress onto having my own business and helped me get my studio which is at Fire Station Creative. I am going on to study my masters at Dundee University studying Urban Design with Spatial Space Planning. With the help of Fife College and this degree, they have given me the opportunity to progress and achieve that. It has helped me build a business plan which has helped me progress with my business.

I would recommend Fife College for studying right up until your honours degree because it has helped and given me opportunities. I have received three scholarships and a trip to Italy which has helped me progress with opening my own business as well as giving me the experience to collaborate work with other business creatives.