“After 11 years of working in retail, I decided I wanted a change of career. I searched several job sites and found numerous administration jobs available, but I realised I didn’t have the necessary experience or qualifications needed.

“Applying to study at Fife College was a spur of the moment decision. I decided I wanted to gain new qualifications to enable me to pursue a new career in administration. It’s a decision I don’t regret.

My experience with computers was very limited when I started and I had no idea of what to expect of the course or the subjects that would be covered.

“My first class went very well, and my tutor was so nice. The students studying alongside me were of mixed ages, which helped my confidence.

“I faced many challenges throughout the course, mostly due to lack of confidence in myself. There were times I considered walking away. But reflecting on the past two years, I realise I’ve come a long way. I have gained self-belief and confidence.

“Two years may seem like a long time, but it flies in and before you know it, you’ve completed the course and have gained an HNC.

“The course has certainly helped prepare me for a career in administration and IT, and I have decided to return to complete my HND, I feel excited to further my knowledge and gain more qualifications.

I decided to try volunteering to help me gain experience. I contacted Fife Society for the Blind as it was local. The admin staff were happy to take me on board and I spent my day off helping in the office; from answering calls, to filing and assisting clients. I knew I had chosen the correct career path.

“The admin team were impressed with my skills and I was able to use my knowledge I’d learnt at college to fulfil the tasks given. So much so that after 4 months of volunteering I was offered a part-time job. I was ecstatic, my patience and hard work at college was paying off!

“It’s been seven months since I started working as an administration assistant and I have just completed my HNC. I love my job and I’m so grateful I decided to study at college. I highly recommend Fife College and the Administration and IT course.

“The College are so accommodating, and the course can be studied full or part-time, from night classes to Saturday mornings. No matter what knowledge you have or what age you are. I am a Mum of two and managed to fit this into life whilst also working part-time. If I can do it, anyone can!”

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