My name is William Morrison, I am 23 years old, and I studied HND Events Management.

My interest in events came from when I was studying in the earlier courses and I progressed my way up from level 4 to my HND. We would do one event a year as part of our unit to completing the levels, and since then I got hooked on it and really enjoyed the whole process of planning and organising an event. It was interesting to see what really needs to go into an event before it can run including the product, set up, staffing, costing and many more factors to consider. 

I found the course quite difficult to start with but the more I started learning, the more I enjoyed it and took to the course. Marketing was another subject I really enjoyed and just learning all the ins and outs of what it entails; these topics are things that really grabbed my attention.

Fife College has benefited me for my future. The amount that we cover in classes covers a wide range of areas and along with the lecturing staff have been very supportive. They won’t leave you behind and make sure that you are ready and that you are passing.

From my experience I have had here, I feel I can go anywhere.