The Armed Forces Covenant is a written voluntary pledge from the nation to those who have served, and their families, which ensures they are treated fairly in their day-to-day lives.

The Armed Forces Covenant relies on businesses, charitable organisations and communities to demonstrate their concern by actively supporting it in order to make the difference it requires.

The government is committed to supporting the Armed Forces community by forming a close relationship with a range of partners who signed the Covenant. Over 800 businesses and charities have signed an Armed Forces Covenant, including Fife College, and the number continues to increase.

Fife College is an Armed Forces-friendly organisation which ensures a fairly treated environment for employees and students.

We encourage members of the Armed Forces community to declare themselves as such so we can start to build a healthy relationship with them.

The Armed Forces community can contribute real value to a business as employees, who can bring a wide range of skills and experience, and also as customers or students.