How Corporate Parenting works at Fife College

In support of Fife College’s Corporate Parent Plan 2015-18 the College is working in partnership with all public service bodies to increase its understanding of the types of support looked after children and young people may need to achieve success when undertaking courses and training.

We are committed to ensuring care experienced young people receive the service, encouragement, and support that will empower them to follow their educational journey through to a positive and sustained destination.

To help the College achieve this, a Corporate Parent Board (recently renamed the Corporate Parenting Action Group [CPAG]) was established and its members produced the Corporate Parenting Plan

Targets and objectives

The College has implemented two groups to target our objectives at both strategic and operational level. CPAG meets quarterly and consists of Curriculum Managers, Professional Services staff, FCSA, and Care Experienced Ambassadors. The group focuses on safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of care experienced students. 

The Contacts Group, recently renamed as the Champions Group, was formed to support CPAG actions. The aim of this group is to ensure that the College supports students from all areas enabling them to overcome any personal, funding, or course issues, and disseminate the corporate parenting message throughout the College ensuring every staff member is aware. Their goal is that our students’ sense of self-worth and wellbeing will improve as a result. 

The Corporate Parenting Plan sets out clear objectives for the College to work towards ensuring that care experienced students attending college receive the support they need to reach their full potential.

Objectives include:

  • Encouraging corporate parenting responsibility in all front-facing staff
  • Improving care experienced applicants’ self-reporting
  • Increasing care experienced students’ engagement
  • Developing partnership-working with other corporate parents

A recent review and evaluation of the plan has been carried out and has shown that the College is making good progress with meeting the objectives to support our students.

The College's key corporate parenting achievements to date include:

  • Taking the decision to include Care Experience as a Protected Characteristic in 2016 to increase awareness of its importance in all College policies
  • Partnership-working has now been developed and links with other corporate parents in the community have been made
  • Celebrating key milestones with our care experienced students and recognise important events such as birthdays, exams, and house moves, by sending greeting cards designed by Fife College students
  • The Student Funding team now identify care experienced applicants to ensure that their funding will not be impacted due to attendance issues
  • Our front-facing staff now have corporate parenting responsibility and have received training to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to support students
  • Our Guidance team provides enhanced transition support to care experienced applicants on request
  • The FCSA are currently developing a remit for Care Experienced Student Reps

Working together with our students, we will continue to improve the college experience, and use feedback from current care experienced students to further develop our systems and processes as a corporate parent.