Interested in acting as a career? Or perhaps you want to teach acting? This course offers you the chance to learn all about how to develop your acting and performance skills as well as how to apply these in a future career, whether that’s on a stage, in a radio, film or television studio, or in a classroom. This course also helps with employability skills such as working in a team, presentation skills, and being able to communicate effectively.

  • Higher drama units: (National 6) drama skills and drama production and exam
  • Production skills
  • Drama: voice
  • Drama: acting skills
  • Drama: theatre skills in performance
  • Drama: movement skills
  • Preparation for audition iPortfolio
  • Personal development
  • The Core Skills of ICT, numeracy and communication will be developed and certificated on this course
  • One year full-time

External Candidates

One of the following:

  • Four National 5s at Level C or above or equivalent (see our Qualifications Explained page for details)
  • Acting and Performance at SCQF Level 5 and an A, B or C pass in the exam
  • Mature students will be considered on an individual basis


  • Drama workshop and interview and written exercise

Internal Candidates

  • Intermediate Certificate: Acting and Performance at SCQF Level 5

In addition, internal applicants will also require a positive Internal Learner Reference (ILR).

There are a range of career paths possible. You can move into acting and performance and/or musical theatre. Skills from this course can also help build confidence and essential skills necessary in other non-performance based industries.

  • HND: Acting and Performance SCQF Level 8
  • HND: Musical Theatre SCQF Level 8
  • Interview
  • Engagement in workshop/interview processes