Data Science Courses

Through our partnership with the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal and their DDI Skills Gateway project, we are delivering free, online short data science courses focused on the subject areas of finance, business and football. Supported by our friendly teaching staff, our courses can be completed at your own pace and are flexible as a means to fit around your current commitments.

In the short space around 12 weeks, you will have gained a National Progression Award qualification which can be used to enter employment in the digital sector or progress to the next level of further study.

Who might benefit from our data science short courses

Anyone with an interest in developing their digital skills towards a positive future in the digital sector should consider what we have to offer. Courses may be particularly relevant to the following groups:

  • Long-term unemployed who would like to enhance employability and explore a potential new career pathway.
  • Adult learners considering returning to further study to enhance employability or explore the possibility of a career change.
  • Women returning to further study who wish to explore careers in the digital sector, previously discouraged by gender inequality.
  • Young people who are not currently engaged in education, employment or training and looking to enhance their digital skills.
  • Members of the Armed Forces who are currently working through their transition from the military to civilian life.

Why consider a future in the digital data sector

Scotland’s digital sector continues to flourish. In an industry that contributes nearly £5bn to the Scottish economy, it’s estimated that 13,000 new roles are created on an annual basis within Scotland’s emerging digital sectors. People working in these sectors are 23% more likely to be employed on a full-time, permanent basis, and earn a salary that is on average 26 per cent higher than the Scottish average.

Better still, should you have ambitions to set up your own digital business, the sector has seen a 60% growth in digital-based business start-ups. Now is the perfect time to make your aspirations happen within the world of digital.

Data Driven Innovation Courses across the region

Are you keen to explore the possibility of short data science courses in another subject? Not to worry, our partner colleges, Borders College, Edinburgh College and West Lothian College are delivering free, online courses across a range of alternative subjects in support of the DDI Skills Gateway project.

West Lothian College

Data Skills for Learning, Life & Work

Digital Passport with Data Citizenship (SCQF 4)

Edinburgh College

Data Science with Administration NPA Level 4 (DDI)

Data Science with Business NPA Level 4 (DDI)

Data Science with Business NPA Level 5 (DDI)

Data Science with Computer Programming NPA Level 6 (DDI)

Data Science with Finance NPA Level 4 (DDI)

Borders College

Skills for a Modern Working Environment