The world is full of creative content. Whether it's for fun, education, information or entertainment, people like to create and share content. Words, pictures, sound, video, graphics, logos and emoticons :-)

Whether you're a complete beginner or have some basic experience, you will learn how to create content that you will be proud of. You'll do this through hands-on projects. You will work in small groups or on your own with creative projects. You'll pitch your ideas and showcase the final output. You'll gain recognition for hard work, problem-solving, teamwork and especially so where you've applied your talent and skills in a uniquely positive way. You will be assessed through completion of projects with a relatively small amount of written work that supports your practical activities. There are no exams on this course

On this course you will improve the following skills:

  • Planning, communication, numeracy, problem solving, team-work, creative approaches, video skills, lighting skills, editing skills, computer and digital skills.
  • Employability Skills
  • Work-ready and soft-skills
  • This introductory Short Full-time course lasts 18 weeks. You are normally timetabled in college over two and a half days per week. You will also be expected to undertake at least another 1 day of study at home or in college.
  • Achievement in Communication or English at SCQF Level 3 or above
  • Achievement in other subjects are welcome including experience related to creativity and the use of language
  • Upon successful completion you can join the Intermediated Certificate: Broadcast Media at SCQF Level 5
  • Junior positions for creative content creators
  • Some technical equipment will be supplied to support your ability to create digital content.
  • Apply online and take part in an information session.