This January Start course is an ideal starting point if you are considering applying for an intermediate or advanced level course in September, especially in the area of health and social care or social sciences.  This course is also a good starting point if you are interested in joining a SWAP course which can give you fast access to an HNC or University.


  • Knowledge and understanding of society and your role in it
  • Investigating and researching skills
  • Making decisions backed by information and judgement
  • Skills to help you to engage positively in society, by allowing you to understand problems and suggest solutions
  • Learning and study skills
  • A range of subjects to develop your learning skills and give you some idea of what skills are required in health and social care.
  • Personal development activities to allow you to decide what your future study and career should be
  • Subjects to develop core skills – the skills that employers say are useful in all jobs.
  • Care Values and Principles – to let you investigate the health and social care provision that is available to people requiring care.
  • There are no formal entry requirements for this course.
  • You will be invited to a one to one meeting to discuss your application.
  • We will talk to you about your existing skills, qualifications or experiences to date (e.g. at school or in work or other notable things you’ve achieved).
  • We will also discuss what you want to do in the future.

Successfully completing all of the units allows you to apply for:

  • Health and Social Care level 5
  • Social Sciences Level 5
  • Pathways to HNC Level 5


Successfully completing all of the units and an additional end-of-course assessment allows you to apply for:

  • Health and Social Care (Access to Nursing and Care) Level 6
  • Social Sciences Level 6
  • Pathways to HNC/degree level 6
  • SWAP Health and Social Care Level 6
  • SWAP Access to Humanities. Level 6

This course develops skills that are highly valued by employers:

  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Independent study
  • Using and presenting information