This course has been developed to introduce you to science at an introductory level (SCQF Level 4) to allow you to take the first step into a science education in Further education. 

All 3 sciences will be taught along with numeracy and core skills. The importance of sustainability in todays world will be prominent in this course. The course itself is a short full time course over 18 weeks and successful completion will provide you with a SQA Professional Development award in Science and Technology and progression onto SQA Level 5 Applied Sciences award.
  • You will learn various core skills including numeracy, communication and information communication technology skills. These will assist in your learning pathway and will enhance meta skills such as team work, peer communication, reading, scientific writing, presentation and debate.
  • Underpinning knowledge in all three main sciences is key on this course and will allow progression to SCQF Level 5 Science. Along with specific insights in to the industry of biotechnology and environmental science. 
  •  Sustainability is key, both in every day living and also as a career progression in science, this is a main focus of this course.
  • You will learn practical skills in laboratory classes, these include working in a safe manner and following Risk Assessments and COSHH advisories. 
  • Further to this, experimental planning and data analysis will also be taught, all key to working in industry.
  • Full Time, 18 hours week.
  • Physics: Electricity and Energy
  • Chemistry In Society
  • Biology - Life On Earth
  • Biotechnological Industries
  • Science Practical and Investigation Skills
  • Environmental Science: Sustainability
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • ICT
  • Evidence of learning (SQA Level 3 achievement on a net navigator etc.) 
  • SCQF Level 4 Science units are not required. 
  • This is an entry level course to encourage entry into science courses with the aim of progressing to level 5. 
  • One to one conversations with staff will be compulsory prior to acceptance.
  • NCAPs Level 5 Applied Science Group Award
  • Biotechnology industry
  • Environmental science industry
  • Biomedical science industry
  • Life sciences
  • Education
  • NHS employment
  • Application form followed by an interview that considers your interest in the subject and future career aspirations.