Action! Are you passionate about story-telling and committed to a career in the screen industries? Film-making, cable, satellite; small screen or big screen; DVDs, downloads and streaming; the need for stories and content is growing. Bring your creativity, we’ll add skills and help you develop engaging screen content.

This course will develop your talent and essential craft skills for a range of roles in the screen industries. Whether it’s for streaming, small-screen or big-screen, you will be taught the core craft skills of camera, lighting, sound and editing; all equally important whether for film, video, TV, drama, fiction, documentary, comedy, or live content. You will also learn and develop a broad range of skills that are essential to the screen industries and the wider world of work in the creative economy.

You will develop specialist technical and production skills relating to industry occupations, eg in

  • Single Camera
  • Multi-Camera
  • Vision Mixing
  • Television Production Roles

You will gain extended experience in different styles of programme making, and knowledge of self employment, business and management issues in the Creative Industries.

You will also gain:

  • Scripting
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis 
  • Evaluation skills and the
  • Ability to integrate technological production and creativity
  • 1 Year Full Time
  • Video, Television and Content Generation
  • Teamwork, Problem Solving
  • Scripting, Editing, Production Skills
  • HNC Creative Industries: Television: Graded Unit 2
  • Multi-Camera Production

You will work in small production teams in specific roles where team-work and problem solving are crucial to achieving the high-production values required. In the fast-paced screen production industries you will be expected to be able to multi-task and perform in multiple roles and to help you develop skills, and confidence, and help you find your niche you’ll develop a range of skillsets.

You will be assessed by a combination of practical projects and written work. There will be screenings, guest lecturers, and seminars. Bring your curiosity, ideas and creativity; we’ll add skills, expertise and opportunities to develop your talents further.

  • Direct entry into year 2 (HND) requires the full, successful completion of the related HNC with 15 SQA credits.
  • For applicants who do not currently have the full 15 SQA credits, please contact us at for further support on the options available to you to be accepted onto this HND course.
  • BA: Film and Television
  • BA: Media and Communications or Media Production/Media Studies
  • BA: Communication and Media
  • It is possible to progress on to a degree at university from this course - see our HE and Degree Pathways guide for more information.
  • Independent or junior film-maker
  • Independent or junior production assistant
  • Production office runner
  • Production runner
  • Logger
  • Data wrangler
  • Edit assistant/junior editor
  • Junior researcher
  • Camera assistant/camera operator
  • Production co-ordinator
  • Portable hard drive, memory cards
  • Online application via website