On this course you will learn a range of photography skills and techniques to capture the world around you as naturally as possible. Through fun and engaging projects from social media to advertising, studio and location, you will also be introduced to a range of skills such as portraiture, advertising, still life and experimental.              

Whether you're a beginner, novice or have some basic experience, you will learn how to get better, more consistent pictures that you will be proud of. You'll do this by understanding how the camera controls work and how they affect light. You'll learn about types of lighting and how to control light for the best effect. You'll also learn how to edit your images to fine tune them or to apply stunning creative techniques for maximum impact.

You will be guided by your lecturers but you will also learn from your fellow students on your journey towards becoming a more confident and creative photographer. Working to briefs and on projects you'll produce a portfolio of work that along with your completed assessments should allow you to progress to the next level and onwards to a career in photography.         

On this course you will improve the following skills:

  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Problem solving
  • Team-work
  • Creative approaches
  • Camera skills
  • Lighting skills
  • Editing skills
  • Computer and digital skills
  • This full-time course lasts 18 weeks, starting in February and finishing in June. You are normally in college two and a half days per week.
  • You will study camera techniques, editing techniques
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • You'll also study through the National Progression Awards in Photography from SQA and you'll prepare for a portfolio and exhibition
  • Three National 4 qualifications including English with a good portfolio or
  • Successful Completion of Certificate: Photography or
  • Certificate: Broadcast media
  • Other equivalent qualifications or experience
  • Plus Small Portfolio of 10 of your images
  • Upon successful completion you can join Advanced Certificate Photography or Advanced Certificate: Broadcast Media
  • Junior Positions in the Photographic Industry e.g. sales assistant. Junior Photographers Assistant

  • You will be supplied with a Digital Storage Device for your work
  • Apply online and submit a small portfolio of 10 images