This course covers how to use and operate the Teams software to work collaboratively and participate in meetings.

  • Understand what Microsoft Teams is used for
  • Create teams and navigate the team homepage
  • Understand how to start and engage in chat
  • Work with teams
  • Manage teams
  • Schedule and participate in meetings and calls
  • Understand how to use the Microsoft Teams mobile app

Getting Started with Teams

  • What Microsoft Teams is
  • The Microsoft Teams Screen
  • Navigating With the Sidebar
  • The Settings Menu
  • Notifications Settings
  • Setting Presence
  • Downloading the Desktop App
  • Logging Out of Microsoft Teams

Creating Teams

  • Creating a Team
  • Adding Members to Your Team
  • The Team Area
  • Understanding Channels
  • The Conversations Tab
  • The Files Tab
  • Leaving a Team
  • Deleting a Team


  • Understanding Private Chat vs Team Chat
  • Sending Private Messages
  • Replying to Private Messages
  • Replying to Messages in Team Chat
  • Emojis, GIFs and Stickers
  • Sending Attachments
  • Working With Received Files
  • Mentioning People

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

  • Opening Existing Team Files
  • Creating New Team Files
  • Organising Team Files
  • Sharing Files

Managing Teams

  • Team Settings
  • Changing the Team Picture
  • Editing a Team


  • Scheduling a Meeting
  • Accepting a Meeting
  • The Meeting Window
  • Joining and Leaving a Meeting Online
  • Making and Receiving Calls
  • Microsoft Teams Mobile App
  • A sound knowledge of using a mouse/keyboard and navigating through windows is recommended. 

  • £195
  • Half day trainer led or virtual