This course provides an exciting opportunity for school Winter Leavers and returning learners to access the world of computer animation, games, mobile apps and website design and development.

It provides an introduction to a range of computing skills including computer Programing using CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript; 3D computer modelling and animation using Autodesk 3DS max and computer games development using game maker and unity. You will create computer graphics for websites and games using Adobe Photoshop and design user interfaces for games and mobile apps.

You will undertake several practical projects and work with other learners to produce websites and computer games. You will also have the option to choose which areas you would like to focus upon from a list of subjects.

This course will allow you to progress onto one of our level 6 courses where you will be able to specialise in either computer games, digital design or web and mobile apps development.


  • Digital Design
  • IT skills
  • Basic Programming
  • Web and app design
  • Game design skills
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Problem Solving and Working with others
  • Short full-time (from January) 

You will gain an understanding of the underpinning computer concepts and technologies involved in developing digital content for computer gaming, computer modelling and animation, and the design and creation of websites.

You will study:

  • Computer games design
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer modelling and animation
  • Computer scripting and programing
  • Website design and development
  • Project planning and collaborative working
  • Core Skills in information technology
  • Whilst no formal entry requirements exist, you should be able to demonstrate a familiarity with Computing, Maths, Art, and Craft subjects and would likely have studied these at National 4 level or above. Communication at SCQF Level 4 is recommended
  • National Certificate: Computer Games Development (Creative Content and Animation) SCQF Level 6
  • National Certificate: Computer Games Development (Programing) SCQF Level 6
  • National Certificate: Computing with Digital Media (Web and Mobile Applications) SCQF Level 6

Job opportunities exist in the following sectors:

  • Computer games developer
  • Website design and developer
  • Digital interaction designer
  • Games developer
  • User interface design and developer
  • Computer animation artist
  • Creative director
  • It will be useful to have a USB storage device with a minimum capacity of 1 terabyte (TB)
  • The purchase of some sketch books will be required over the period of the course
  • You may be required to take part in an informal conversation as part of the application process. This group/individual conversation may be an information session, a portfolio discussion, or a skills based exercise