Pathway to Social Sciences is for those who want to explore Social Sciences subjects such as Psychology, Criminology and Sociology. It can be studied as a one year or a two year programme. You will study how social sciences help us to make sense of every aspect of the world we live in. A course-focused approach allows you to recognise how the disciplines overlap and interact. A key theme of this course is the evolution of society, and the methods that humans have developed  to try to understand, and shape it. You will develop your academic skills to help you to make the most of your studies.

  • Understanding of the social and political world
  • Insight into how different areas of society are linked
  • Analysis and evaluation skills
  • Problem solving, questioning and reasoning skills
  • Information gathering
  • Presenting information
  • Drawing conclusions
  • One year full-time
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Crime in the community
  • The Core Skills of ICT, numeracy and communication will be developed and certificated on this course
  • NB the actual content might vary by campus.

One of the following:

  • Four National 4s in relevant subjects (such as English, History, Modern Studies, Geography, RMPS, Business Studies)
  • Certificate: Start Here for Qualifications
  • Advanced Certificate: Pathway to Social Sciences
  • Advanced Certificate: Pathway to HNC/D/Degree
  • Advanced Certificate courses in care, social care and related areas.

 Social Science qualifications can be useful in a wide range of careers including: 

  • Community Education 
  • Housing support worker  
  • Local government roles 
  • Police officer
    • You will be required to take part in an informal conversation, and complete an online questionnaire, as part of the application process.