Data Science is fast becoming an essential part of how we live, learn and work, including the demand to have data science as an employability skill. More and more employers are seeking applicants with experience and skills in data science.
Data is being collected and stored in databases everyday, but often not analysed or used. This is where data science comes in, to reveal trends and produce insights for businesses to use, allowing them to make better decisions and create more innovative products or services.

All data science courses under the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) Gateway are free to each student.

  • Software Skills.
  • IT Skills.
  • Data Analysis Skills.
  • Communication.
  • Part-time (Online)
  • There will be 6hrs of online tutor led sessions each week, over the course of two half days. 
  • The tutor led sessions will be held live online, via Microsoft Teams.
    Independent study should also take place out with these sessions.
  • Tutor led session on Wednesdays 10-5pm.
  • Data Security.
  • Data Science.
  • Data Citizenship.
  • If you have previously achieved the NPA Data Science SCQF Level 4 you will be able to gain direct entry to this course.
  • You must be comfortable using a computer for working with the basics of spreadsheets, word documents, and databases using Microsoft Office or Office 365 suite of programs.
  • Gaining a National Progression Award provides the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence required to progress to either full-time or part-time further study at Fife College
  • On successful completion of this course you could gain entry to the following course; NPA Data Science SCQF Level 6
  • Data or Business Analyst.
  • Data Mining Specialist.
  • Data science is highly utilised in medicine, science, finance, business, retail and technology.
  • Online application