This Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) covers a wide range of computer planning and programing skills, essential in today’s IT industry. You will learn how to establish customer and system requirements and develop the skills and knowledge required to write computer software that enables users to perform different tasks on a variety of computer systems and devices. These could include games, business systems, mobile apps, and websites.

The course is a two year long programme and it covers contemporary industry programing practises and technologies and you will build prototype systems for a range of technology solutions using event driven, procedural, or object orientated techniques.


  • You will develop a wide range of skills and knowledge in the area of software design, development, and programming.
  • Approaches to software design, to ensure the correct solution meets the client brief, will also be included.

For your National Progression Award, your topics will be:

  • Computing applications: development
  • Computing: authoring a website
  • Software design and development

During both years your course will include hands-on, practical tasks as part of your work placement and in college laboratories. Topics will include:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Health and safety in IT and telecom
  • Investigating and defining customer requirements for IT and telecoms systems
  • Data modelling
  • School Transition Form
  • Achieved National 5 qualifications, including a National 5 in Computing Science
  • You must be capable of working at SCQF Level 6 (Higher)
  • An excellent attendance record in school
  • FAs are accepted by colleges and universities as part of their entry requirements. For full details, check out

Fife College will accept achievement of the FA in Information Technology: Software Development as equivalent to two Highers which will support you to secure entry to:

  • HNC: Computing at SCQF Level 7
  • HND: Computing: Software Development SCQF Level 8
  • HND: Web Development (incorporating Mobile Applications Development) SCQF Level 8
  • HND: Digital Design and Development (Games) SCQF Level 8
  • HND: Computer Games Development SCQF Level 8
  • Software developer/programer
  • Computer games developer
  • Web developer
  • Mobile applications developer
  • Digital design and development
  • Interactive media developer