This short course will introduce you to the technical skills required to create computer graphics and build interactive websites. There is also a focus on the importance of the website development process.

You will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks to create and manipulate imagery for your websites and learn which file formats to use. You will build your own personal or business multipage website using HTLM5 and CSS and learn how to apply some contemporary design principals to help make your website engaging. As most websites are now viewed on mobile devices, the course will show you how to create websites that can be viewed on tablet devices and mobile phones.

At the end of this course you will make your website live by uploading it to the web so that it can be viewed by others. 

  • HTML5 scripting language
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)
  • Client side scripting technologies
  • File Transfer Protocols (FTP) for uploading to the web
  • HTML forms
  • Website design
  • Graphics creation and manipulation
  • Designing website to meet identified requirements
  • Constructing web pages to match a design
  • Test and Evaluate the operation of the website produced
  • Produce graphics for a given website brief
  • Create a web page with optimised digital images and graphics
  • Research and identify the range of client-side options available
  • Identify and solve any usability issues relating to the implementation of client-side scripting
  • Write HTML code to link client-side scrip to a website
  • Write client-side script to add interactivity to a website

Entry to this course is at the discretion of the College and we will contact you to arrange an informal discussion to discuss your interest. Ideally you should be studying within one of the following areas:

  • National 4 or 5 Computing Science
  • National 4 or 5 Maths
  • National 4 or 5 Art and Design
  • Experience of writing HTML, CSS and programing
  • Undertaking this course will help you to progress onto a level 6 or HND course in web and mobile Development at Fife College
  • The exact level of course that you can progress to will depend upon your additional National or Higher qualifications
  • Demand for talented web developers remains consistently high and this course provides an excellent foundation and insight into the skills and aptitudes required for this industry
  • It also provides an excellent introduction to the technologies required to build your own web presence which could be used for either personal or business