This course provides an understanding of the care, learning and development of children aged 0–12 years. This includes the home setting and environments whose practice is guided by legislation, policy and professional ethics as well as investigating the roles and responsibilities of parenthood.

The aims of this course are to:

  • introduce the principles of child development from 0–12 years; learning what is meant by sequences and patterns in child development and the link between all areas of that development
  • introduce the necessity of viewing all aspects of early education and childcare as a whole
  • increase awareness of the factors that impact on the lives of children, their parents and carers
  • provide an insight into working in early education and childcare
  • investigate the specific care needs of a baby and the continuing needs of the child and how these contribute to the whole development of the child
  • Detailed understanding of the values of the early education and childcare sector
  • Essential skills include negotiation, communication, practical caring skills, time management, organisation and problem solving skills

This course consists of four Units which make up the Group Award for National 5 Early Education and Childcare

  • F19L 11: Child Development and Health
  • DM41 11: Play in Early Education and Childcare
  • DM84 11: Working in Early Education and Childcare
  • DM60 11: Care and Feeding of Children
  • Good attendance
  • A general desire to work with children.
  • Learners should also be working at an appropriate level in other subjects

Selection will take place after an interview with a member of Fife College staff.

  • This course provides an experiential route for those who wish to progress to further study in Early Education and Childcare
  • Fife College will accept achievement of this course, along with four National 5 awards including English at Level A or B, for entry to the NC Certificated Childcare and Education SCQF level 6
  • The Early Education and Childcare sector is a growth industry across Scotland
  • A career working with children and young people can involve working in a play group, out of school care service, nursery, crèche setting or a residential child care service