This is about interaction with the school college partnership in local schools and this incorporate employability and an introduction to construction H & S and groundworks. This will also take into consideration the dynamics of how to lift materials in a safe manner. The course itself is based on how to use and construct pathways while using materials like concrete to form walkways. We have introduced an employability award within this to allow an understanding of what will be required in industry moving forward.
  • You will learn the appropriate hand skills to progress into the industry in the future and this will allow a seamless progression into the SCQF level 4 programme NPA construction craft and technician.
  • This course is delivered over 1 year and is delivered in a school environment while studying other subjects with the school environment.
  • Employability
  • Intro to Heath & Safety
  • Construct gravel pathways
  • Mixing using concrete and manual handling
  • Applications from the SCP area
  • NPA Construction Craft and Technician SCQF Level 4
  • All construction trades
  • Numeracy test and interview / discussion