This course is designed to allow you to attend College while in your last year of school, with the aim of preparing you to progress on to the full time Award: Skills for Life or Intermediate Award: Skills for Life courses. This transition course is aimed at those with complex additional support needs. The course will assist you to reach your individual goals and independence while in College. You will develop and enhance your existing skills.

The course will follow the Getting to Know College and Knowing About Myself units which are ideal for the learners to work on in preparation of attending college full time in the following year.  The pupils will also have opportunity to have tasters of different subjects during the year and visit different parts of the college and find out what else goes on.   

  • Organisation  
  • Communication  
  • Digital skills
  • Problem solving 
  • Team working  
  • One day a week for one year
  • Going to college                                                 
  • Knowing about myself                                 
  • Curriculum activities    
  • Intermediate Award: Skills for Life
  • Voluntary and paid employment
  • Online with completed transition form.
  • Please note: No applications will be considered until the transition form is submitted.