This qualification builds on the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice and is aimed at further expanding your independent practice to enable you to evolve into more senior roles within organisations as people professionals. Across the duration of your course you will complete study and assessment for each of the 7 units. 
Your work will be mainly operational with some complexity. They will contribute to the following: 

  • Thinking around your work.
  • Analysing information to inform choices and actions.
  • Working with and influencing others through your work - this will create short-term value for a wider audience. 
  • The course will be completed over 18 months 3 hours per-week.
  • This is held in our Dunfermline campus on a Thursday evening, with seven Saturday morning workshops throughout the duration of your course.
You will study and learn about the following: 

  • Business, culture and change
  • The Principles of analytics
  • Core behaviours for people professionals 
  • Essentials of people practice
  • Although there are no formal entry requirements, the college will conduct diagnostics to ensure that this qualification is appropriate for you. 
  • This will include making sure that you can meet the requirements of the learning outcomes and can access the appropriate literacy and numeracy needed to complete the CIPD Level 5 diploma in people management.
  • HR Partner 
  • HR Manager
  • Registration costs to CIPD.