There is much confusion about what Equality and Diversity means, and many people are wary of dealing with equality and diversity issues for fear that they may do or say something wrong. This course is aimed at making things clearer for Managers so that they can manage and at staff so that they can be aware of the right way of acting in the workplace.

You want to proactively understand issues relating to discrimination, victimisation, and harassment in the workplace, and develop the confidence to prevent them, and deal with them if they are alleged.  This course will allow you to understand what is meant by equality and diversity, quantify what needs to be done personally, and how to promote best practice within the organisation.

The key learning outcomes are:

  • Understanding the legal framework of discrimination law
  • The challenges of managing a diverse workforce
  • The risks of failing to address issues of inequality in the workplace
  • How to deal with allegations of harassment and other forms of discrimination
  • One day 9.30am – 5.30pm
  • Delivered at Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline
  • Introduction to equality and diversity
  • Equality and diversity legislation
  • You and promoting equality and diversity
  • Areas of discrimination – who is protected?
  • What does it mean for managers in the workplace?
  • Identifying types of discrimination – how and when does discrimination occur?
  • Understanding diversity
  • Managing diversity in the workplace
  • How to challenge inappropriate behaviour
  • £165 (ex. VAT) per person