This course introduces you to the study of Criminology. It encourages you to investigate the nature and extent of crime, both locally and nationally. You are also given the opportunity to research the criminal justice systems in place to deal with and respond to crime. 

  • Research Skills 
  • Analytical/Evaluative Skills 
  • This course runs over a full academic year
  • Two 2 hour classes per week
  • Crime control measures 
  • Patterns of crime in the community and beyond 
  • Theoretical explanations of crime 
  • The psychology of criminal behavior 
  • You should have completed at least four National 4 subjects, including English
  • It is useful if this includes a social studies subject (e.g Modern Studies)
  • This course may provide entry to Higher: Psychology, offered via the School College Partnership (SCP)
  • This course would be valuable if you are looking to pursue a career in Criminal Justice Services, Legal Services, Police and Social Work.
  • There are no set textbooks for this course
  • Online application via the SCP Team