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With a qualification in The Internet of Things (IoT) you will be at the forefront of modern technology! The Internet of Things refers to the billions of physical devices around the world such as household appliances, cars and much more that are connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data.  It is predicted by 2025 there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices or “things”! 

In this course you will learn about the Internet and its evolution to the interconnection of people, processes, data, and things. 

Businesses have much to gain from IoT which can enable better safety, efficiency, and decision making as data is collected and analysed. In this course you will learn how the Internet of Things is set to transform every sector of our economy, from manufacturing and engineering to agriculture and medicine, by providing reliable data about the world around us.

You will explore the concepts and challenges of the transformational Internet of Things (IoT) economy and come to understand how the IoT is bridging the gap between operational and information technology systems.  

  • ICT
  • Problem solving
  • Online
  • Flexible start dates available – start at a time that suits you from opening date of 25 October 2022
  • Course to be completed by June 2023

You'll Learn These Core Skills:

  • Learn how the current digital transformation is creating unprecedented economic opportunity.

  • Understand how the IoT is bridging the gap between operational and information technology systems.

  • Discover how standard business processes are being transformed.

  • The security concerns that must be considered when implementing IoT solutions

  • No formal entry requirements.
  • You are expected to have a basic understanding of the internet.
  • CISCO Introduction to Cyber Security.
  • Administrative Support

  • Computer Support

  • Online application