Those undertaking this course will acquire and develop knowledge and skills in photography and image editing, and it may facilitate progression to further photographic studies.

You will develop their understanding of different aspects of photography including; photographic terminology, and simple evaluation of technical and creative aspects of image making.

You will then develop an understanding of what makes a good image by gathering and selecting images to enhance. You will decide how best to enhance them and the images will be named, filed and stored for easy retrieval. You will then present the images for a given purpose.

  • This course provides opportunities to develop both creative and technical skills in photography
  • You are encouraged to develop your skills in a number of key areas: understanding basic photography, basic camera techniques, working with photographic images, developing creative skills and understanding technology applications, presentation, developing professional folios of work and exhibition work
  • The course will develop soft skills, Core Skills, and vocational skills
  • It will also help you to develop knowledge, and skills for learning and life which are reflected in the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence: a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen, and an effective contributor

SCP Team to confirm usually Monday and Wednesday Afternoons 2-4

  • Understanding photography
  • Working with photographs
  • Studio and Darkroom Skills
  • Image Editing Skills
  • Evidence of creativity e.g. a small portfolio
  • National Certificate: Photography SCQF level 6 (with two Highers at Grade C or above and a portfolio)
  • Photographer

  • Photographer’s assistant

  • Image editor

  • Designer

SCP Team to confirm