Study online at a time that suits you - flexible start dates available

This free online course is intended for anyone involved in hospitality and catering, the care sector, food retailing and food processing and anyone who is interested in food hygiene.  It is delivered on line so you can study at any time, anywhere and it's ideal for those who are unable to come into College to learn.

You will learn basic food hygiene practices and principles that you can use day to day.  It will highlight the causes of food poisoning, prevention and safe handling of food including legal requirements in Scotland.  This is an essential course for anyone dealing with food.

This course is aimed at individuals who have been affected by the impact of COVID 19 and wish to improve their skills. 

  • The course is delivered online and takes around six hours
  • Flexible start dates available - start at a time that suits you from opening date of 25 October 2021.
  • Course to be completed by June 2022.
  • On completion of the course you will be invited in to complete a multiple choice assessment of 30 minutes duration.
  • You will be sent a Food Hygiene Handbook and Question of Food Hygiene for Scotland workbook
  • Food Hygiene General Introduction Bacteria Personal Hygiene Food Poisoning
  • Food Pests
  • Food Premises, Equipment and Utensils
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Personal Hygiene HACCP
  • Food Hygiene Legislation
  • No entry requirements needed.
  • General education and ability to learn online.
  • REHIS Intermediate Food Hygiene