This course covers how to create and access SharePoint sites and become familiar with the use of Document Libraries and other web parts. The aim of the course is to enable you to understand the common features available in SharePoint. It is intended for people new to using SharePoint who will be using or editing existing Team sites.

  • SharePoint Overview
  • SharePoint Sites
  • Document Libraries
  • Working with Lists
  • Workflow overview

SharePoint Overview

  • SharePoint overview 
  • The basics of SharePoint and it’s use
  • Accessing SharePoint Online

SharePoint Sites

  • Site types
  • Working with a Team Site
  • Site templates
  • Member Access
  • Modify Sites
  • Add Web parts

Document Libraries

  • Introduction to Libraries
  • The difference between OneDrive and SharePoint Libraries
  • Manage Documents
  • Upload Documents to a Library
  • Edit Documents in App or Online
  • Document Collaboration
  • Check Out/In
  • Manage Versions
  • Document Properties and metadata overview
  • Sort and Filter Libraries
  • Use Alerts
  • Create Public and Personal Views
  • Sync Libraries


  • Create Lists
  • Calendar Event Lists
  • Add/Delete Columns
  • Grouping
  • Sort and Filter Lists

Manage Tasks and Events

  • Add Task Lists
  • Change Task List Views
  • Modify Tasks
  • Work with a SharePoint Calendar

Workflows and searching

  • Overview of workflow set up
  • Searching in SharePoint
  • A knowledge of using a Browser application and general file management principles is required.
  • A Microsoft 365 account is also required.
  • Knowledge of OneDrive is beneficial.
  • £195
  • One day trainer led or virtual