The aim of the course is to enable you to understand the tools available in Excel to summarise and present data. The course covers a variety of tools you can use to summarised list data. The course shows the different options available.

This session looks at these frequently used list features:

  • Importing data
  • Subtotal
  • Tables
  • Pivot Tables
  • Slicers
  • Power Query

Importing data from

  • Different File formats that can be imported
  • Import CSV, TXT files


  • Creating Subtotals
  • Use Outlining


  • Creating Tables
  • Adding data to tables
  • Table Total Row

Pivot Tables

  • Creating a pivot table
  • Adding Fields to create Row and Column headings
  • Rearranging fields in a pivot table
  • Number formatting of the data area vs Formula
  • Managing subtotals and grand totals
  • Changing the data field calculation (Sum, Count, Average etc.)
  • Building and using Report Pages with the Filter field
  • Use the Analyse Data tool

Pivot Charts

  • Building Pivot Charts
  • Editing Pivot Chart Layouts
  • Using the built in chart filter buttons for presentation

Slicers and Timelines

  • Building Slicers for easy and interactive filtering in Tables and Pivot Tables
  • Formatting Slicers
  • Timelines in Pivot tables

Introduction to Power Query

  • Query concepts
  • Get & Transform data
  • Launching the Power Query Editor
  • Data tools
  • Use transformation tools in the Editor
  • A good knowledge of using simple Sorting, Filtering and Absolute cell references is required for this course.
  • £145
  • Half day trainer led or virtual