This course is suitable for union and safety representatives and other representatives with an employment law function in the workplace. The course reviews the legal requirements on employers to carry out their legal duties under the relevant legislation, and the role of trade union appointed representatives in the process.

  • This course will enhance analytical and report writing skills. Communication and research skills will be used to explore the current position of the accident investigation process in an organisational context.
  • Delivered over one year.
  • Part- time, Online
  • Employment Law changes. The impact for the Trade Union Reps, their Union and their workplace.
  • Membership of a TUC accredited Trade Union.


  • TUC Union Reps and Health and Safety Representatives Stage 1. Certificate in Employment Law and Next Steps for Safety Representatives. TUC Diploma in Employment Law and Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Trade Union Official, Health and Safety Officer.
  • Membership of a TUC accredited Trade Union approval of local branch.