This short online course is aimed at youth workers, but open to anyone with an interest in understanding data in youth work. The course is a response to the need for the youth work sector to recognise the ever-increasing importance of data in making decisions in the modern world, and will foster innovation in this sector.

The course will make a positive difference by enabling practitioners and managers to use data and have a better understanding of data science principles, and how they can assist with tackling misinformation, decision making, skills for employment and education.  

Assessment will be in the form of multiple choice questions based on information throughout each learning outcome, as well as some small practical data handling activities. You will be expected to undertake around 30-40 hours of self-directed study to complete the course. We will support and check on your learning throughout the course and you will have a named contact with whom you can liaise and raise any questions.

  • You will develop skills in applying data science techniques using tools and technologies. 
  • You will also learn how to use data to evaluate and inform practice.  

The course will be delivered fully online with remote support, and the average time for completion is around 30 hours. However, more or less time may be required depending on previous knowledge, skills and experience of studying remotely.


You will study: 

  • Concepts/principles of data science in youth work
  • Implications of data science in youth work
  • Data science techniques in youth work
  • Techniques / practical application of data science techniques in youth work (linking with CLD competences)
  • Leadership and innovation 

The course is split into five learning outcomes consisting of a mixture of various multimedia elements including text, video and interactive tasks during which you will:

  • Look at the concepts/principles and be able to explain the implications of data science in youth work
  • Apply some simple practical applications of data science techniques
  • Address leadership and innovation
  • This course is really relevant for practising youth work practitioners or managers although it is open to anyone with a keen interest in youth work.
  • Introduction to Internet of Things
  • Internet of Things (Big Data & Analytics)
  • Internet of Things Fundamentals (Connecting Things)
  • Youth Work/Social Sciences
  • Youth Worker
  • Youth Work Manager
  • Senior position within Youth Work
  • No interview/checks required