The course is at SCQF level 2 will provide learners with an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in your community, to consolidate your broader learning and achievements through a range of new and familiar experiences, and to help you become increasingly independent. The Award seeks to develop learners' potential as contributing and independent members of society through the development of life skills, which include the ability to use information and communicate effectively.
  • You will learn to develop self reliance and confidence through supported and independent learning. 
  • You will demonstrate the ability to gain and use information, develop organisation skills and interpersonal skills. 
  • Furthermore, you will be encouraged to evaluate yourself and work on your personal development. 
  •  Full Time, one year. 
  •  Personal Development Award and Personal Achievement Award at SCQF level 2. 

There will be a focus on three areas of study relating to: 
  • Self in Community: Learning about your community and how you can contribute. 
  • Practical Abilities: develop skills for independent living ( household finances, bank accounts, personal hygiene and relationships). 
  • Self and Work: develop vocational skills suitable to help you progress. 
  •  Achievement of Adult and Learning Transition Award at SCQF level 1. students that don't possess this qualification are still encouraged to apply and suitability will be assessed on an individual basis. 
  •  National Certificate in Personal and Vocational Skills. 
  •  Supported Employment/Voluntary Sector. 
  • Online application 
  • Information session 
  • Skills assessment 
  • Interview for online applications