This webinar teaches the critical skills to effectively managing change in the workplace and covers how to motivate people through the change process.


This course is designed to enhance your understanding of change, to make you better equipped to analyse the factors at play in your own particular circumstances, and to adopt practical strategies to deal with resistance from people.

You will learn:

  • What is change, and what is “people-centred” change management
  • The change cycle
  • The pyramid of people-centred change
  • Dealing with resistance

Strategies for dealing with change

This webinar is for you if…

  • You have a responsibility for leading and managing people through change at work
  • You are a Project Manager or Project Sponsor wishing to grow and develop your knowledge in this area

You will learn:

  • An appreciation of the impact of organisational change on people
  • Ways you can positively lead and motivate people through cultural or organisational change
  • Skills for effectively communicating change throughout the change cycle
  • Ways you can help team members cope with change
  • This course is delivered as a half day webinar
  • Wednesday, 3 June (am)
  • £125