This course is led by employers and those attending will do so on a block release pattern to gain knowledge from the industry and also gain the appropriate training and understanding from industry experienced lecturers and training assessors, to assist with the completion on their MA award.

The course itself is made up of practical and theoretical units within the trade area to allow the attainment of competence, so when working back on the construction site they have relevant knowledge to complete the tasks in hand. You will attend college on a block release basis for 4 years eg 20, 13,1 & 1 weeks this equates to 32 weeks over the 4 years. The split for theory and practical is as follows: Theory 30% and practical 70%. The course is assessed through both written assessments and practical assessments which are projects. To complete the full award you must complete a work place evidence portfolio to be able to show competence in your trade area as well as completing a final year skills test.

  • The skills gained on this course will be practical hand skills and and knowledge of the specific trade area and also the understanding of relevant H&S to allow working on the construction sites.
  • (CSCS cards) Also incorporated into the the course is the portfolio building exercise to gather in work based evidence, as well as a skills test.
  • This element of the course will take 4 years to complete fully, unless an adult apprentice with significant site experience.
  • You will learn how to conduct yourself appropriately while working on a construction site. 
  • You will partake in completing specialised units which will be for example: bricklaying, arch construction, cavity walling and more. 
  • You will also learn the appreciation of access platforms and equipment. 

It is recommended that the students have reasonable grades form school, preferably at SCQF level 5. Also if applicable.

  • Certificate: Construction Futures.
  • National 5 Practical Craft Skills at Grade C or above, plus four National 4s including Maths and English.
  • Relevant industry experience and/or other qualifications will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Entry requirement will be determined by the employer as you can only complete this as employed status as per SDS requirements.
  • HNC/D Construction Management.
  • Once completed you will be able to progress your career in construction management. 
  • CEO of your own business. 
  • PPE will be required. 
  • Employer led.