This course is aimed at those who are involved in the co-ordination and design of learning and development opportunities within an organisation. It concentrates on the skills required to facilitate a broader range of learning opportunities to individual and groups of learners rather than direct instructional training that is characterised at SCQF Level 8.

  • Work-based learning
  • You will undertake this qualification in your own workplace following an induction to the course that can be delivered in college or in-house
  • You will create a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that you have appropriate knowledge and understanding and that you can carry out your job competently in the workplace
  • The prime source of evidence must be provided from your own workplace
  • This qualification is delivered as part of a continuous course with access at any time throughout the year
  • The national standards of this award are set by the Employment National Training Organisation and are accredited by SQA who award the certificate

The SVQ framework for this course is made up of eight mandatory units and four optional units. The mandatory units cover:

  • Contribute to the development of learning within the organisation
  • Evaluate and develop own practice
  • Design learning programmes
  • Agree learning programmes with learners
  • Manage the contribution of other people to the learning process
  • Create a climate that promotes learning
  • Evaluate and improve learning and development programmes

Also select one of these mandatory units:

  • Identify individual learning aims and programmes
  • Identify the learning and development needs of the organisation

The four optional units are chosen from a selection of 12 units to reflect the work you do in your own job. The course can thus be tailored to meet your specific needs and the needs of your organisation.

  • Although there are no formal entry requirements, you must be in this job role or working towards the required job role in a training and development environment
  • Prior knowledge and experience is also taken into consideration and may be credited towards the qualification
  • Successful completion of this course can lead to higher levels of membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) through a professional route and further professional development
  • Successful completion of this course will facilitate career prospects within Learning and Development by enhancing skills in this area

  • This qualification may be used to provide an entry route to a supervisory or first line manager’s role within a learning and development environment