You will have the opportunity to study a number of management and leadership subjects appropriate to your aspirations and work experience. Competencies covered include personal skills and working with people, providing direction and managing yourself, facilitating and managing and leading through change, risk, health and safety, and using resources and achieving results.

  • This course is undertaken in your workplace under the supervision of experienced management professionals using a flexible approach to match individual learning needs
  • Typically these seminars are held on a monthly basis, the course can be commenced at any time, and completion usually takes from 12 to 18 months

The course comprises 3 mandatory and 4 optional units.

Subjects taken will depend upon your individual needs as well as the needs of the organisation, but would typically include:

  • Lead your organisation
  • Manage continuous improvement
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for innovation and improvement
  • Develop and maintain your professional networks
  • Develop strategic business plans
  • Engage people in change
  • The course is targeted at practical people wishing to advance their position in the workplace based on their leadership and management skills
  • You should be working in a senior management position and be able to provide evidence of working at this level and hold other suitable qualifications
  • You must also ensure the full support of your employer regardless of the your source of funding
  • Quotations are supplied based on the amount of flexible learning required
  • Online application¬†