Do you want to have...

  • Better skills for industry?
  • Better career opportunities?
  • Greater earning power?

Yes? A career in a STEM industry is perfect for you!

Why study STEM subjects?

Lots of jobs today, and even more career opportunities in the future will be based on STEM subjects.

STEM skills are fast becoming essential. There are so many benefits that having strong STEM skills can bring to both your career and the economy in Fife and beyond.

More opportunities in Fife

Our aim is to drive high quality STEM learning opportunities.

This will ensure relevant skills and education for people in Fife, and the Fife economy.

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Partnership working

We work with partners to develop strong pathways from secondary education to college, and then on to industry, to prepare people for both jobs and advanced level study in STEM subjects.

Find out where you fit in

Use the information on these pages to find out more about STEM subjects, how they affect life in Fife, and how you can get involved and study STEM subjects at Fife College.

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