All over the world employers, teachers, and students are beginning to really understand the importance of STEM skills


Because the world continues to become more and more technologically driven.

More people are using computers, more processes are being mechanised, and more products are being based on intelligent, intuitive systems.

Because of this, the world needs more and more technologists and engineers. And these people need to have good STEM skills.

It's hard to think of anything in our day-to-day lives that doesn't now make use of technology and technological products

Here are just a few examples:

  • Your TV Box and all of the services coming into your home via broadband
  • Your supermarket receipt, and vouchers that know what you usually buy
  • Products designed just for you – personalised trainers, for example

How do I get involved and get started in a STEM career?

Fife College has a fantastic range of subjects across STEM subjects, including Science, Maths, Built Environment, Computing and Digital Technologies, and Engineering and Energy.

All of our courses, from introductory programmes right through to degrees, are designed to equip you with the skills you'll need to take your next step - whether that's into further study with us or at university, or into STEM related employment.

Learn more about the rich variety of opportunities within STEM.

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