The Active Scotland Outcomes Framework highlights the importance of physical activity and sport to individual, community, and national wellbeing. The vision for Scotland is one where more people are more active, more often.

Currently only 63% of adults and 76% of children partake in enough moderate to vigorous physical activity and the challenge remains to get people moving. There are a wide variety of career options that support individuals and groups to achieve higher levels of physical activity and maintain good health.

Some examples of the opportunities available are; working with children in active schools or supporting active play, coaching sports, working as a fitness instructor/personal trainer, or helping older adults and those requiring rehabilitation maintain a good quality of life and independence.

We hope to hear from you if you think you’d like to work in such a rewarding environment, as ‘ really doesn’t matter how people get active, it just matters that we do’ (Vision: A More Active Scotland).

Our lecturers have the industry experience and teaching skills required to provide the support and assistance that you need to develop your own skills at a pace and in a style that suits you.

We offer a range of courses from introductory level to HNCs and HNDs, so you are sure to find a course that fits your needs and allows you to progress toward your dream career.