Beginning your degree studies at college can be cheaper, more convenient and allow you more flexibility

If you want to continue studying but are concerned about time, costs, choosing the wrong discipline, or committing to four years of continuous study, why not keep it local and start your studies at college?

Attending Fife College could be the ideal starting point, even if you choose to complete your full degree later on.

Here are 10 reasons to start your degree at college:

  1. An HNC is the same level as the first year of a university degree, and an HND is the same level as the second year. This means that you could progress straight to second or third year at university when you’ve completed your college course.
  2. Unlike going straight to uni, studying an HNC and/or HND at college means that you finish each year with a recognised qualification. So, you can leave at the end of each year if a job opportunity comes up with qualifications already in the bag.
  3. Studying at college means that you don’t have to commit to four years of continuous study, but can if you decide to later. You can take it a year at a time and see how you get on but still have the opportunity to gain the same degree, from the same universities as your peers who went straight to university.
  4. College study can help to prepare you for university study, with the added benefit that class sizes at college tend to be smaller and provide a bit more personal support.
  5. If you’re planning to study part-time, not only will you be able to fit gaining qualifications towards your degree around your family and work life, you may also be eligible for a part-time fee grant towards the cost of your tuition fees.
  6. Studying locally at Fife College will be cheaper and more convenient than travelling or moving to university, and you’ll be familiar with the college set up even if you change campus.
  7. A full-time course at college includes about 18 hours of class contact time, allowing you to study on your own and develop independent study skills. Some courses also give you the opportunity to do a placement as a part of the qualification.
  8. You can study a range of courses at HNC, HND, or Degree level across a wealth of areas at Fife College; including Technical Construction Professions, Engineering, Childcare, Cyber Security, Networking, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Health, Social and Community Care, Science, Business, Administration, and Fashion.
  9. Courses are also available at the College to help you obtain all the qualifications you need to progress to HNCs, HNDs, and Degrees - including SWAP courses that allow you to progress to university after only one year.
  10. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a non-repayable bursary and, if not, you still have the option of taking out a student loan for financial support.

Find out more about how studying your degree at Fife College can help you progress towards your dream career now.

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