Gloria Laurini, Jen Anderson and Craig Walker from the FCSA with their award.
Over 90% of students attending Fife College this year are satisfied with their college experience, a number that is on the increase thanks to a range of initiatives including promoting student health and wellbeing.

Making sure students are supported and their health and wellbeing looked after is an important part of a student’s positive experience and Fife College’s Student Association (FCSA) were delighted to receive a four-star award for their work in this area at an awards ceremony held recently.

The FCSA were presented with four stars, an increase by one star since last year, for their efforts at the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Awards run by Scottish Student Sport in partnership with NUS Scotland. The aim of the awards is to encourage positive changes in colleges and universities to support students’ physical activity levels, mental wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

The awards were held in the historic St Salvator’s Quad at the University of St Andrews with all 24 colleges and universities who participated in attendance. The FCSA team were delighted to be included in the top four award winners.

The innovative work included in the campaign has been heavily student-led with students designing and creating videos and radio adverts to promote a Clean Air Campus status and Smoking Prevention Policy. Various events such as Virtual Reality Meditation, visits with Therapets and the Mental Health Marketplace have supported students during stressful exam season.

With mental health concerns on the rise and resources for mental health limited, the FCSA delivered a range of activities designed to make students more aware of their own mental health as well as introduce techniques to positively benefit students throughout the year.

Recent key changes on campus include the introduction of a Student Mental Health Agreement between the College and students.  A Health and Wellbeing Advisor is also being recruited to give support to students in need of an urgent referral.

FCSA President for Welfare and Equality, Jen Anderson, has led the campaign working in close partnership with the staff and students of the College bringing many changes to the day to day support on campus.

Iain Hawker, Assistant Principal for Quality and Academic Partnerships said: “We are delighted that student satisfaction at Fife College is steadily rising and know, from the feedback we receive through our own surveys and the FCSA, that good health and well-being plays a vital part in a positive learning experience for our students. 

“I would like to congratulate Jen and the team for their award win which is a fantastic achievement and we look forward to continuing our work in partnership.”