24 September 2021 

Care Experienced students have been focussing on their future in a unique way thanks to a partnership project between Fife College and Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

The students have taken part in a special ‘FOCUS’ project which helped them to concentrate on themselves, their futures, and their employability skills.

Funded in partnership with SDS, the project provided students with the opportunity to create their own personalised camera obscuras.

Students were shown how to construct their cameras and then encouraged to personalise them using a variety of materials, drawing on their current selves as inspiration, and juxtaposing these with aspirations and hopes for their future selves.

The project was also supported by employability workshops which were delivered by career advisers from Skills Development Scotland and the College’s Employability Hub. 

The students’ camera obscuras were featured in a pop-up exhibition at Silverburn Park in Leven and will be on display across Fife College campuses over the next few months. 

Student Liam Fyall, from Lochgelly, said:

“I really enjoyed the FOCUS session, making the camera obscuras was a fun activity. It was cool to then see them displayed in Silverburn Park too.  

“I also learnt a lot about several different future career options by taking part in the employability workshops.”

 Susan McGuire, Care Experience Co-ordinator at Fife College said:

“At Fife College we do all we can to provide support and guidance to our Care Experienced students.

“We were therefore delighted to partner with Skills Development Scotland to give this group of students a unique way of considering their next steps.

“The students created some amazing camera obscuras which looked great in Silverburn Park. Most importantly though, the activity really helped them focus on themselves and their future plans.”

Photograph: Camera obscuras, created by Fife College Care Experienced students, are pictured on display at Silverburn Park in Leven.