To celebrate Care Experienced Week 2020, we asked some of our Care Experienced Students past and present, what Care Experienced means to them


“Let me introduce myself to you. I am Leeanne and I am a Care Experienced Young Person.

I was a student at Fife College from 2013-2019, studying Childcare, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality.

When I was at College, I enjoyed being a Care Experienced Student. I met so many wonderful people who helped me over the years and I am so appreciative of all they did to help me. In my last year of College, I was a Care Experience Officer within Fife College, helping support other Care Experienced Students.

In the summer of 2016, I won a fellowship award for my creative writing. The Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) gave me the massive opportunity to write a book about my own unique experiences in Care and the fact that my birth family couldn’t look after me and my younger siblings properly. My book is called ‘My Journey Through Life – The Real Me.’ I chose to write this book as I wanted to raise awareness of child abuse and possibly make a difference to the lives of others.

Over the years I have been asked by SCLD (Scottish Commission for Learning Disability), who work alongside the RSA, to do speeches about my book and experiences.

When asked to do speeches over the years, I often wondered, what made my childhood so different to that of other children. Since speaking to different organisations and writing my book, I have learned that my childhood was, for sure, not based on love and affection.

I would like to end on a good note, by sharing the main message of my book, everyone is unique and important. We all need to understand that different can be great.”

(Leeanne Clark, Care Experienced Student)


“My name is Jeanette Miller and I am a Fife College Alumni. I am now in third year at Queen Margaret University doing my degree in Public Sociology.

I am going to tell you what Care Experienced means to me. Being Care Experienced means I can be myself without being judged or made a fool off. Being Care Experienced allowed me to feel part of a family which has helped me feel like I belong somewhere. At my time at Fife College, I was a Care Experience Officer which helped me to feel connected to my Care Experienced peers and offer support where my peers needed it.

Happy Care Experienced Week Care Family ❤️”

(Jeanette Miller, Care Experienced Student)


“College gives me something to do that gets me up every morning which is good. I didn't go to school, but this course makes me want to get up. My Prince's Trust course builds my confidence and teamwork skills. The Care Experience Bursary will help me to learn how to drive and get a car which will help when I get a job in Construction.” (Kenzie, 17 years)


“School was terrible for me, but College is better. Classes are different, tutors are more relaxed, the times are better for me than school and I think I will do well at College.”
(Anonymous, 18 years)


“I left school with the bare minimum qualifications because I got really bad anxiety and found really stressful. One of the Guidance teachers at school did a one to one with me and got me into college, due to a family situation I had to leave my home and move away from the area. I am happy now because I got into Fife College and eventually want to work as a Mechanical Engineer.” (Graham, 17 years)


“College is amazing. Being in Care is the worst thing you can ever experience. College lets me meet lots of people I can talk to and make new friends.” (Jordanleigh, 16 years)


“I am at Fife College because I want to get qualifications, my dream job is to be a sign language interpreter working in the courts or for school. My best friend is deaf. I like my course because it has boosted my confidence and I've met new people. I didn't know anyone and now I speak to everyone in class. I like being a student.” (Anonymous, 19 years)