Fife College and the Fife College Students’ Association (FCSA) have signed a Student Partnership Agreement. 

The first formal agreement of its kind between the College and the Students’ Association, the partnership officially sets out how students and staff will work together to improve the student experience across Fife College. 

The partnership has already identified two priority projects which will benefit Fife College students in the near future. 

The first project, Networked for Fife, will focus on improvements to the College’s digital environment.  The project will work to make sure students have both access to and the skills to make use of the digital resources they need. 

The second project, Networked for Life, will look at creating a lifelong heath toolkit for students and staff.  This will bring the College and the FCSA together to promote healthy living and highlight support health services. 

Hugh Hall, Fife College Principal, said: “I believe Fife College has the best Students’ Associations amongst Scotland’s Colleges. Their work is very much student-led and student centred and they play a vital part in supporting and informing the wider team here at Fife College.

“I am delighted to sign our new Student Partnership Agreement which builds on our already strong working relationship with the FCSA.  The new agreement will allow us to turn more student ideas into projects which help our students gain the most out of College life.”

Carol Hunter, FCSA President of Education and Representation, said:

“The Student Partnership Agreement allows for us to work together with the college to not only help provide a great student experience, but also equips our students with lifelong skills”.

Progress on the agreement will be overseen by the College’s Assistant Principal for Quality and Academic Partnerships, Iain Hawker, the College’s Director of Planning and Performance, Wendy Brymer and FCSA Manager Craig Walker with updates on the progress announced over the next 12 months.  

For more information about Fife College Students' Association visit the FCSA page.  

Photograph: (L to r): Kris Getchell, Chief Information Officer at Fife College, Wendy Brymer, Director of Planning and Performance at Fife College, Gloria Laurini, FCSA Student Engagement Coordinator, Carol Hunter, FCSA President of Education and Representation, Hugh Hall, Fife College Principal, Kirsten Mullen, FCSA Sports, Societies and Events Coordinator, Jade Burnett, FCSA President of Welfare & Equality and Iain Hawker, Assistant Principal for Quality and Academic Partnerships at Fife College are pictured at Fife College’s Dunfermline Campus.