Why study Computing?

Computing and Digital Technologies touch every part of our everyday lives. Understanding the different aspects, from cyber security and networking to web design and mobile applications, and how they interact with each other and with us is a skill that can lead to a huge, and ever-expanding, number of career opportunities.

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Courses available from introductory level to degrees

No matter which level you are looking to enter at, Fife College has the right course to make sure you have the skills you need to either progress to further study or enter a career in this exciting and fast-growing industry.

We also offer a range of part-time courses to help you fit your studying round your work and family commitments.

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Natalie’s journey

Natalie Kent, 29, was always attracted to a career in Computing. “I was drawn to software development as it means I can be creative and have some freedom,” Natalie explained, “it’s fun, and I enjoy it.

“Studying at the College is good but different to what I’m used to, being from America. I’m enjoying the course. I like how you have the freedom to work on your own.

“Now I’ve completed HND: Computing: Software Development (with Data Analytics), I would like to continue at Fife College and go on to BSc Web Design and Development (incorporating Mobile Applications Development). Then, after that, I’d hope to get a job; perhaps in web design.“

HND: Software Development (with Data Analytics) has been developed in response to the current shortage of skilled software developers in Scotland, offers an introduction to software development. It will introduce you to a range of subjects and skills that contribute to the design and development of good quality software. It will provide you with current skills in specialist technical software development and will allow you to develop up-to-date knowledge in programming and systems development.

It is one of a great range of Computing and Digital Technologies courses available at the College, in everything from games animation and web development to networking and technical support.

Natalie graduated in 2017

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