15 December 2020

Fife College and Children’s University (CU) Scotland have launched a suite of exciting learning from home activities for primary school children as part of the first project of their new partnership.

The programme of activities, available online and through the Aspire app, are part of the College’s work with CU which aims to expand learning opportunities for children across Fife, particularity those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The new activities cover a number of creative subjects, such as cosplay and backstage production, as well as an online engineering club which offers children the opportunity to engage with STEM subjects through practical activities at home.

The College’s partnership with Children’s University Scotland, which is supported by funding from The Robertson Trust, is currently focussing on learning at home opportunities due to the pandemic with further partnership projects in pipeline including First Chances Fife and OnFife Libraries’ Reading Challenges.

Iain Hawker, Fife College Assistant Principal, said:

“We are delighted to launch our first project in partnership with Children’s University Scotland.

“These exciting new activities, created by our brilliant team here at Fife College, are a great opportunity for young people to explore subjects they’re passionate about. The fact that they can all be done safely from home too is a huge advantage.  

“We know this year has been hard for many families due to the pandemic, but it’s been especially tough for children from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

“That’s why we are so proud to be working with Children’s University Scotland to create these accessible activities for children in Fife, and I’m excited to see what our future work can achieve in the New Year.”

Neil Mathers, Chief Executive at Children’s University Scotland said:

“We're proud to be part of this exciting partnership, which will support children and young people across Fife to access high-quality learning and gain a real understanding of some of the fantastic opportunities out there for them now and for the future.

Our team are thrilled to be able to offer children in the area access to the many benefits of Children’s University Scotland membership and awards through this partnership, as well as to the brilliantly unique opportunities created by the passionate Fife College team."