2 April 2024

Fife College has inducted Daren Mochrie into its Hall of Fame, recognising his exceptional achievements and contributions to the healthcare sector.

Originally from Edinburgh, Daren embarked on his journey with Fife College in 2005 undertaking the CMI Diploma in Management, a significant milestone in a career that has since led him to high-profile roles within the NHS and Ambulance Service.

Daren joins fellow Fife College alumni, such as Dougray Scott, Edith Bowman and Shirley Henderson, in the College’s Hall of Fame.

Ascending from a volunteer first aider and young paramedic to the position of Chief Executive and Chief Ambulance Officer for North West Ambulance Service, Daren has shown outstanding leadership within the NHS and Ambulance Service over three decades. In his current role, he oversees a workforce of over 8,000 staff and volunteers, managing a budget exceeding half a billion pounds and responding to approximately 4.5 million emergency, NHS 111 and non-emergency cases annually.

Daren's leadership to the Scottish Ambulance Service over 26 years, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, further underscored his capabilities, earning him accolades such as the Queen's Ambulance Medal for distinguished service and an honorary doctorate from the University of Bolton. He was also elected Chair of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives in 2020, where he advocates for the UK sector's interests and advises key governmental stakeholders.

Reflecting on his journey, Daren, who left school at 16 with little qualifications, emphasised the pivotal role Fife College played in shaping his professional trajectory.

Daren said:

"My time at college was transformative. Although I had the clinical qualifications, the CMI Diploma in Management at Fife College, Lauder College at the time, provided me with the necessary skills and confidence to pursue my aspirations, despite not having traditional academic qualifications.

“This enabled me to progress on to study for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). Gaining these qualifications was a turning point and reaffirmed to me that despite leaving school with no real formal academic qualifications, I was more than capable of being a successful clinician and a senior leader.

“My advice for today’s students is to pursue your dreams. We all face challenges in our professional and personal lives, fail an exam, not get a job at an interview first time or have a family or personal crisis but what’s important is how you learn to react, how you deal with adversity or disappointment, how you develop personal resilience and most of all how you bounce back.”

Jim Metcalfe, Fife College Principal, said:

"We are honoured to welcome Daren Mochrie into our Hall of Fame at Fife College. His distinguished career exemplifies the transformative power of education. Daren’s commitment to saving lives and improving healthcare outcomes inspires us all and reinforces the value of lifelong learning and perseverance."

Fife College’s Alumni Programme and Hall of Fame are among several initiatives being highlighted as part of the College’s 125th anniversary this year. Inspiring current students through their achievements and success stories, further inductees will be welcomed into the College’s Hall of Fame later this year to mark the anniversary.

Further details about Fife College’s Hall of Fame and Alumni Programme can be found here